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Let Us Help You Create a FREE Company Store!

Have you ever wanted to create a company store for your employees, their families, and your fans?  But you weren't sure where to start?  Let us help!  We will list up to four items at no cost to your company.  We will help with designing the merchandise, processing payments, and shipping the products.  Sign up below to participate. Merchandise can include hats, mugs, shirts, hoodies and more.  Customize based what your employees might want.  Check out our store for ideas!  

  • Add up to four items of your choice at no cost to you

  • Add additional items for $10 per item

  • Designated page on for your store

  • Employees can order directly from the store

  • will handle processing of payments

  • Fulfillment and shipping handled by and its suppliers

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Q&A Setting Up Company Store

  • Where can our store sell products?  At this time, can only sell merchandise in the United States.

  • Will you need our financial information to get started?  No.  Your employees or other store customers will pay directly for the merchandise.  

  • Do we get to set our own pricing?  No. sets the pricing for all items.

  • Does my company keep any proceeds?  No.  This is how we cover our costs.

  • What if I want to do promotions or free merchandise for my employees?  We can work out coupon codes, including free items for your employees.  You would purchase these directly from, we would give you the appropriate codes, and you would share them with your employee(s).

  • Will I get to approve before the store goes live? Yes, and you will also be responsible for sending the info to your employees.

  • What if we don't have a logo?  We can use a font, or even help you develop a logo.

  • Is there a minimum amount of items our employees need to purchase?  NO! Your store can sell 1 item or 1,000 items.  We use suppliers who create products once they are ordered.  No minimum purchases necessary.

  • Can we change our items once they are online?  Yes, once per quarter you can request new items be added (you must purchase additional items or request other items be deleted).

  • What if I don't want our store visible to the general public?  We can "hide" the store so it is only available to those who have a link.  We can also password protect the store.

  • How do I pay to have additional items in the store?  Click here and select "Add Store Items."

  • Who are your suppliers and where can I see a list of all merchandise options?  At this time, we use Printful and Modalyst.  Printful merchadise can be fully customized with your logo.  Modalyst, where we get our safety gear, cannot be customized.  You can check out either website for ideas.  We also try to keep a good sampling of products in our store, so we would encourage you to check out the shop HERE for ideas.  

  • Who should I contact if I have additional questions?  Please submit your questions below.

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